Brand Licensing Expert - Pete Canalichio | Durgalaxmi Ramachandhiramani
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Durgalaxmi Ramachandhiramani

Durgalaxmi (Durga) Ramachandhiramani


Associate Manager at Licensing Brands, Inc.


Durgalaxmi (Durga) Ramachandhiramani is an enthusiastic Marketing Professional with a background in healthcare and life sciences. She assists with the development of pitches and proposals for prospective clients in both the commercial and government sectors. Durga also helps with implementing/managing brand licensing programs for clients in a wide range of industries including consumer goods, non-profit, apparel, media and financing. She oversees the development and implementation of the marketing strategy for Licensing Brands Inc.’s products and services. In addition, Durga manages the project of drafting of a book on Brand Licensing including literature research, scheduling and conducting interviews, capturing and synthesizing data from interviews, and drafting/editing of the contents.


Durga has over two years of experience in marketing and communications focused on improving the quality of healthcare. She worked as a Marketing and Product Development Assistant for The Myers Group (now SPH Analytics) — a healthcare market research and quality improvement consulting firm for Managed Care Organizations. Durga has significant experience in market research, marketing communications and project management. She has been an active member on employee-relations work groups and community service teams. Durga also has significant experience in working with professional, educational and charitable non-profit organizations as a volunteer leader for several marketing/PR initiatives, event planning, fundraising and program coordination activities.


Durga has a background in Biotechnology and a Master’s in Bioscience (life sciences and healthcare) Management from Claremont Graduate University in California. She also holds a Master’s in Marketing from the Georgia State University with specialization in brand and customer management.