Experience - Brand Licensing Expert - Pete Canalichio
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American Cancer Society

Due to over-growing competition amongst non-profit cancer fighting organizations driving down donor revenue, ACS wanted to evaluate the viability of launching an ACS brand “seal of approval” licensing program, which would drive awareness and royalty revenue.


Coca-Cola was in jeopardy for the first time of not being able to execute an Olympic co-branded licensing and Olympic pin trading program to support their activation of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games due to limitations in time, expertise and staffing. They called upon Licensing.

Middlesex County

Middlesex County, New Jersey seeks to expand its marketing efforts and economic development opportunities by undertaking a strategic assessment of the County’s “brand” as it exists today. The county also needs a comprehensive outreach and promotional plan.

Entrepreneur Media

Due to adverse trends in the marketplace impacting print media companies and a goal to leverage the strength of the Entrepreneur brand, Entrepreneur Media(EMI) wanted to evaluate the viability of launching an Entrepreneur brand licensing program, which would enable it to extend the brand into new territories while expanding it in the United States.

Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation has been facing significant challenges over the last several years with respect to the delivery of its Poron and XRD brands. XRD® Extreme Impact Protection is a breakthrough material technology that has been tested to absorb up to 90 percent of energy when impacted.