Goran Kernyak - Brand Licensing Expert - Pete Canalichio
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Goran Kernyak

Goran Kernyak, Strategic Partner


President at Brand Extensions and Licensing (BEL)


Within almost 25 years of international career, Goran has worn many hats – entrepreneur, marketer, producer, researcher, organizer, manager, publisher, editor. He is Passionate, persistent, patient and productive.


Goran closely collaborates with brand owners and brand representatives – leading global, multinational and regional companies, institutions and organizations. Through consultancy, market research, networking and matchmaking he helps owners of the brands and trademarks to develop brand extensions and licensing programs, reach new markets, create and execute successful marketing and sales strategy and establish long-term cooperation with international and domestic business partners.

Goran is the Founder and President of BEL | Brand Extensions and Licensing, a full service communication company based in the New York, USA. BEL’s mission is to continuously build premium network and communication multiplatform for the brand licensing and merchandising professionals from all sides of that lucrative business globally. 

Goran’s professional value boils down to the following specialties: brand extensions and licensing, merchandising, business development, matchmaking, marketing, communications, networking, market research.