Omer Latif - Brand Licensing Expert - Pete Canalichio
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Omer Latif

Dr. Omer Latif, Strategic Partner



Senior Associate, TopRight Partners



As a physician and a consultant to hospitals, healthcare systems, physician groups and managed service organizations, Dr. Omer Latif has a unique and complementary blend of experience that includes success in global healthcare business development, branding and marketing, market expansion and hands-on management of healthcare environments.

Omer’s expertise in marketing and business development is focused on formulating strategies to help healthcare organizations optimize resource utilization and realize revenue and profit growth opportunities. Prior to joining TopRight, Omer started his career in banking and upon earning his MD, he served as a Medical Director of an ASC, and then was named Director of Business Development for an MSO. In 2011, Omer joined Projectos Mineros de Mexico SA de CV as the SVP of Operations. In that capacity, he assisted with the acquisition of capital investment, analyzed resource allocation, and engaged in negotiations with joint venture partners. Along with the senior management role, he also served to establish healthcare facilities for the company and for two Ejido communities in Mexico. In 2014, Omer became the Managing Partner at Venicia Management Consultants with an emphasis on business development in healthcare environments. Omer is an alumnus of Duke University and BMC.