Our Team - Brand Licensing Expert - Pete Canalichio
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Our Team


Pete Canalichio

Before starting his business career Pete attended the U.S. Naval Academy where he earned a BS in physics. Pete went on to serve in the Navy as an award-winning aviator and instructor pilot, honing his leadership and decision-making skills as commander of a large multi-engine aircraft and 12-member crew during the height of Cold War tensions.

Lauren Godshall

Lauren Godshall

Lauren Godshall is an enthusiastic Marketing Professional who is currently receiving her Masters in Marketing from Georgia State University.  She received her undergraduate degrees of Business Management and Marketing from The University of Alabama then soon after returned to her hometown of Atlanta to start her professional career.


Goran Kernyak

Within almost 25 years of international career I have worn many hats – entrepreneur, marketer, producer, researcher, organizer, manager, publisher, editor. Passionate, persistent, patient and productive. As a result of all this I have a vast knowledge and unique ability to manage multidisciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges.


Mark Di Somma

For more than 20 years Mark has helped senior decision makers, brand owners and brand agencies define, articulate and elevate the value of their brands. A thought leader in the discipline of brand strategy, Mark’s expertise lies in helping brands address and resolve complex business and marketing issues in order to become even more competitive.


Vijaya Subrahmanyam

Dr. Vijaya Subrahmanyam has worked on various research projects with SRM-Group research group since 2002 and with M³ Consulting as principal investigator since 1994, including projects involving disparity studies on contracting, EEO, housing studies and mortgage lending.


Jeff Fancher

Visionary executive with a proven history of executing deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Creative problem solver and skilled at uncovering and exploiting opportunities that others miss.


Kari Lywood

Kari Lywood founded an independent, event planning & management company, specializing in small, medium and large business events and marketing in 2010. The company, Kari Lywood, is led by owner and principle planner Kari Lywood, who brings more than 8 years of corporate event experience, experiential marketing, promotional staff, brand awareness and sponsorship.


Barnett Edelen

Barnett is a passionate marketing strategist and general manager with over 12 years of consumer and professional brand building expertise. Barnett combines a classical brand management background crafted at Johnson & Johnson with an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset developed at a mid-size CPG and two successful start-ups.


Dr. Omer Latif, MD

As a physician and a consultant to hospitals, healthcare systems, physician groups and managed service organizations, Dr. Omer Latif has a unique and complementary blend of experience that includes success in global healthcare business development, branding and marketing, market expansion and hands-on management of healthcare environments.