Vijaya Subrahmanyam - Brand Licensing Expert - Pete Canalichio
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Vijaya Subrahmanyam

Vijaya Subrahmanyam, Principal


Full Professor at Mercer University, Atlanta, GA


Dr. Vijaya Subrahmanyam has worked on various research projects with SRM-Group research group since 2002 and with M³ Consulting as principal investigator since 1994, including projects involving disparity studies on contracting, EEO, housing studies and mortgage lending. She provided leadership and direction for a majority of the projects and was largely responsible for the technical/methodological development and used for regression analysis, statistical significance testing, capacity analysis, survey and anecdotal sampling methodologies and analysis. As a consultant for over 20 years, she concentrated on economics and developmental issues focusing specifically on the economics of discrimination in contracting and employment, areas of procurement, S/M/W/DBE programs EEO analysis on employment and compensation, valuation of damages, compensation modeling and analysis and the use of statistics in litigation.


Vijaya is a professor of finance at Mercer University. She holds a doctoral degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Economics from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois. Previously, she was a tenured professor at Clark Atlanta University (CAU). Vijaya has extensively published in several premier finance journals and effectively blends her teaching with her research interests and experiences in consulting.


Besides Mercer and CAU she has taught at the University of West Indies, in Jamaica and given lectures at the Symbiosis School of Bank Management in India; and the Indira Institute of Management – Pune. During her tenure at CAU, Vijaya was involved in executive training for the SBA and Freddie Mac. She also substantially assisted in curriculum development and presentations for Consumer Credit Education.


(sponsored by Freddie Mac) for promoting financial education to all students as well as to minorities and women. Vijaya brings a wealth of both academic and management experience relating to business / economic development initiatives and extensive analysis work; both public and private.